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Pete Robbins Transatlantic Trio (Live at Bogui)

In less times than would be desirable to come to our country proposals like PETE ROBBINS. The saxophonist is one of the best examples of this “new” jazz that bubbles up in the underground clubs of New York, particularly Brooklyn, that complex music without a blow on the table very very young artists, not lacking personality and talent, encircle the sometimes entrenched concept of jazz, respect, yes, their illustrious predecessors, but giving this new parameter music, embodied in a composition that makes risk entirely new and epatantes.

Newcomers to the thirties, the three musicians that make up the Transatlantic Trio (Simon Jermyn on electric bass with six strings and Tommy Crane on drums, with their leader) demonstrated last night at the Madrid Jazz Bogey there are different ways to understand jazz, paid to the openness that involves incorporating elements of other contemporary music. A trend that has not finished curdle in our country, but soon spread everywhere. Time to time.

On sax melodies calm frantic rhythms. Developments and harmonies that are often patterns of progressive rock, transplant-good subtle, as in the case of bassist hardened classical and leaning on his pedalboard, or with excitement, especially in the tension almost ecstasy of your battery in a jazz-avant-garde, it approaches the free, but affordable to any minimally trained ear. Arrangements to drink from the indie-rock (again, in the bass and drums), breathing and lack of willingness to investigate complex in other ways. Experimentation and new proposals. A joy, in short.

If you want to discover firsthand what it is that the Jazz will bring in the future (as in the present of the New York scene), have another chance Friday in the Jazz Bogey. A window on what happens in New York, without having to take the plane. The “flight” transatlantic already put them. Do not miss it, not many occasions like this.