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NYC Jazz Record

Transatlantic Quartet – Live in Basel Pete Robbins traverses the Atlantic Ocean often to present his labyrinthine melodicism to foreign audiences. The title of Trans-Atlantic for this quartet is apt. With the New York-based Robbins so active in Europe, Brooklyn bass guitarist Simon Jermyn hailing from Dublin and guitarist Mikkel…

Transatlantic Quartet – Live in Basel Like most modern jazz players, alto saxophonist Pete Robbins works in multiple bands, playing varying styles and disciplines of this thing called jazz. Sounds reasonable, yes? But, thirty years ago this wasn’t possible. Musicians, listeners, and jazz critics (let’s not leave them out) had…

Village Voice

Voice Choices – Pete Robbins Reactance Quartet The alto saxophonist addresses melodies in two ways: He either flits around them or digs into them. His latest live disc finds him making hay with both approaches, a tack he’ll likely try tonight as he introduces a new group featuring Vijay Iyer….