Press highlights

Press highlights

“Several of Robbins’ tunes are flag-wavers, teeming with broad, catchy melodies.  That’s at odds with the very intricate lines thread together to create such themes, and that dynamic is why [his ensemble] is so intriguing…As a horn player, Robbins has liquid timbre that can remind just how pretty modern jazz can be.”

Village Voice


“[His] original compositions reflect a highly creative mind at work … Pete Robbins is a powerhouse of a talent.”


“The vision and individuality of Pete Robbins … continues to show that jazz is alive and well in the new millennium.”


“This guy rules … a polished gun who shoots blanks could learn much about depth of tone, use of registers, and the element of surprise from this youngster.”

Village Voice


“Pete can become a force. A real force.
He’s confident enough not to do what others might tell him.”

Paul Bley – Liner notes to “Centric”


“…a welcome presence on the creative music scene… Robbins displays a keen imagination and a rousing command of his horn… Highly developed harmony, complex meter and searing improv… fiercely creative…”

David Adler – Time Out New York & All About Jazz New York


“Mr. Robbins, an industrious and venturesome alto saxophonist and clarinetist, leads… an ambitious ensemble that combines spacious avant-gardism with the melodic punch of rock… Mr. Robbins plays with coolness as well as confidence… His compositions seem to breathe according to some collective whim.”

Nate Chinen – New York Times


“No doubt, Robbins’ third solo outing looms as a logical progression of his spiraling notoriety within global jazz circles… Robbins should win over a horde of admirers with this outing… Simply stated, Robbins is a style master who sets himself apart from many of his peers.”

Glen Astarita – /


“Consistently creative and completely satisfying…simply one of the finest working bands in jazz right now… [They] don’t just play superbly, but play superb, creative music.”

Big City – (blog)


“a harmonically brilliant ensemble sound”

Wilbur MacKenzie – NYC Jazz Record


“A cohesive performance of the highest conceptual level”

Vincenzo Roggero – All About Jazz – Italia