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Transatlantic Quartet – Live in Basel
The performances in clubs can be classified into two types: bowling and concerts. In either case the code is not the most important. As in other areas, the important thing is not the what but the how. In fact there are groups that are able to extract gold dust from the standards (for example), while others become a music repertoire, in models that are played guidelines (including themselves) to the letter. There are also groups working on their own compositions, musicians who are not afraid that it sounds familiar melodies are not public. Among these there are those who belong to the family of the replicants, as opposed to the artisans. The Transatlantic Quartet saxophonist Pete Robbins is among the latter. Using this terminology so trite, but yet so clear, the organic, Robbins, Mikkel Ploug, Simon and Kevin Brow Jeremyn sound like a group that has taken as his own, concerts in clubs by the saxophonist’s repertoire. References do not matter, if they sound more or less modern, more or less mainstream. What matters is the pleasure of listening to good music, good musicians actors alone, to a quartet perfectly assembled and greased.