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Tea Lounge CD release

Such great music last night at the Tea Lounge. Jeremy Udden’s Bati Band was at its groovy finest, and I felt great about how siLENT Z played. The Tea Lounge is a major mixed bag for me in terms of how it feels to perform there, but there were definitely lots of folks who were really checking out the music and enjoying the experience.

Tonight’s our second (and final) CD release concert at Cornelia Street Cafe ( – hope to see you there!

the benefits of blogging

On the advice of some people I trust, I’m trying to figure out just how much blogginess I have in me, meaning how I’d like to treat this space and what kinds of things I’d like to be writing about (and how often).  I’m sure I could talk about my relationship to the saxophone and the composition process, music I’m digging, and non-musical things that occupy my time and thoughts.  Maybe this is a good idea.  Hey, wait a sec – does this mean I’ve started?  We shall see…

Exciting stuff! The review was written by Elliot Simon in May’s edition of All About Jazz – New York. You can download it at or pick up a print copy at any jazz venue in the city. Here’s a highlight:

“Multiple styles, subtle building blocks and cerebral instrumental interplay give ’siLENT Z Live’ its especially engaging voice.”