A week late, but: siLENT Z’s Cornelia St cd release concert was GREAT last Saturday.  Big audience and the band played great.  It’s always so great for the music to have gigs on consecutive nights – I need to take this band on the road!

I need to go and see some live music soon!  Haven’t done that in a little while, what with the pregnant wife (she’s due in August) and busy teaching schedule and all.  July – TONS of live music in my future…

And – the latest news is that Not Two Records (out of Poland) is going to put out a live recording of my Unnamed Quartet (with myself, Nate Wooley on trumpet, Daniel Levin on cello, and Jeff Davis on drums).  Totally improvised music.  It’s REALLY engaging and gratifying to play with those guys, and I’m happy about the idea of putting out a totally “free” album to contrast with my other recordings.

BUT – who should write the liner notes???  (I’ve had Paul Bley, critic Mark F. Turner, and Darcy James Argue for previous records…)