Hey, all – welcome to my lovely new website!

So here’s the news: ”siLENT Z – live” comes out on May 25!  It’s on a label I’ve started called Hate Laugh Music, and it’s the first and only record out on that imprint as of now.  HLM is a vehicle to put out my own projects without my delicate sense of control being infringed upon by others.  (Or something.)  The record features myself, Jesse Neuman, Cory Smythe, Mike Gamble, Thomas Morgan, and Tyshawn Sorey.

siLENT Z (myself, Jesse Neuman, Mike Gamble, Eivind Opsvik, and Tommy Crane) will be doing CD release concerts on Fri, May 28 at the Tea Lounge  and Saturday, May 29 at Cornelia Street Cafe.  The 5/28 show will be presented by the illustrious gentlemen of Search and Restore (searchandrestore.com), and will feature an ensemble led by the terrific saxophonist Jeremy Udden at 9pm, with siLENT Z playing one set at 10:30.  Cornelia Street is two sets starting at 9pm.  See my calendar page for greater detail.

I’m really happy with how the recording came out; it captures an energy that I feel my studio albums haven’t, simply because of the nature of playing in a studio versus playing in concert.  And it’s got great liner notes written by Darcy James Argue.